I have always had an endless passion for the animal kingdom, and how it has inspired us in fashion, home decorating and other aspects of our lives.

I’m the Creative Director behind the bag and accessory brand LEOWULFF(.com). As a devoted animal print lover and business woman, I’ve designed my own bag and accessory collection since 2011, whereof animal prints are always to be found in my collection.Visit www.Leowulff.com and view my collection..

With a solid background of 8 years working in the PR- and fashion industry I have taken my own charge. Being born in France and living in major cities in Europe and the US with my family, my take on life and taste in fashion/lifestyle is very passionate.

Follow me on my journey behind the scenes of my own brand and other projects along the way. Friends, family and occasional strangers might by seen on the blog…

Wether it’s a personal, business request or just gossip, please contact me on the mail below.



All the best.



  1. eat move achieve

    I just found your blog and I LOVE it! Amazing. I’ve always loved animal prints and all my friends (that are now rocking the leopard print) used to accuse me of being to Euro-trash. I secretly took it as a compliment.


    • Lions and Wolves

      Hi, Thanks! Always a pleasure to share the same passion! You should also take a look at my web shop – Leowulff.com! I only sale and offer accessories with animal prints!
      Ps. Euro-trash… No. Great style… YES!

  2. eat move achieve

    Thanks, am browsing it now…


  3. amatterofinstinct

    Wow, your travels seem like my dreams. I wish lived in Europe or New York. Toronto is fun though.


    • Lions and Wolves

      Never been to Toronto..:-( yet! Thx for your comment.;-) x S

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